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479 .366. 7733                14901 County Road                     Bella Vista, AR  72712

It is important for your pet to stay on the same pet’s food and medication regimen. We ask you to bring your pets food and medicines.  We happily keep your routine.

Call to book an appointment for your pets care

479 . 855 . 6110

We provide daycare, overnight or long term boarding

Each pet has a profile, photo and individual food dishes

Medications are given as scheduled

All dogs have their own “home” with access to a private run and playground

All dogs have the freedom of a 1/2 acre playground with a swimming pool, bed, picnic table, and of course, fire hydrant

Our Resort is both heated and air-conditioned


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Daily Hours
Drop Off or Pickup
7-9 am
5-7 pm

 By Appointment